Lumbini Buddhist Tour

Lumbini Buddhist Tour offers you the perfect insight into the birth and life of the God of Peace, Lord Buddha.
Lumbini Buddhist Tour

  • START:Kathmandu
  • END:Kathmandu
  • GRADE:Pilgrimage Tour
  • TRANSPORT:Bus/ Car/Flight
  • DURATION:8 Days

About Lumbini Buddhist Tour in detail:

Lumbini Buddhist Tour offers you the perfect insight into the birth and life of the God of Peace, Lord Buddha. The beautiful architect of the Kapilvastu, the stupas and monuments build by various Buddhist countries around the world and an insight into the birth place of Lord Buddha makes the trip more detailed study of Buddhism. The colors of the stupas, the giant statues, the torch burning from the core of earth, the monks and their prayers, etc fill up the place with the ultimate religious site with enchanting sound of Buddhism and peaceful environment. Also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the place is located in the district of Kapilvastu around 306 km away from Kathmandu. The place is the biggest pilgrim for any Buddhists around the world. People from all around the world come to this place in search of some peace in their life; not only that the site is of great religious value but the site is also very beautiful place decorated with many Buddhist stupas and colorful gardens. Though Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC, the place still preserves the stone impression of Buddha’s birth and many other things associated with Lord Buddha’s birth. The main attractions in Lumbini are the Sacred Garden, Maya Devi Temple, Puskani Pond, Ashoka Pillar, Buddha Temple and Lumbini Museum. The Sacred Garden where Buddha was born contains a pillar known as Ashoka pillar, which carries an inscription identifying the spot as the birthplace of Buddha. The Lumbini Museum has a large collection of the Mauryan and Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terracotta fragments and stone and metal sculptures all associated with the birth of Buddha and the time Lord Buddha was brought up in Kapilvastu. The area is filled with monuments and stupas built by many foreign Buddhist followers depicting different sects of Buddhism. The Myanmar Temple (Lokamani Cula Pagoda) is a shiny golden and white structure that resembles the Shwe-dagon Pagoda of Yangon. Similarly International Gautami Nuns Temple is a replica of the Swayambhunath Stupa of Kathmandu while the China Temple built by the Buddhist Association of China, is a complex of pagodas, prayer rooms and meditation cells and similarly attractive Dae Sung Suk Ga Sa Korean Temple. Adding more to the attraction is The Japan Peace Stupa, built by Nippon Jon Kyohoji of Japan in a 41-m tall structure with four different Buddha statues set into the Stupa’s dome facing the four cardinal directions.